In the previous article of our blog we wrote about the new graphic design of the exchange diagram editor. Today we would like to write about a new tool that What’s new in we have added to it . It will certainly please those who are often irritat by repeated calls from the same number or from a restricted numbering.

Additionally, in case What’s new in of rejecting specific calls, you can implement an

Among the tools available in the virtual switchboard editor, “Caller Number Verification” has appeared. It allows you to reject calls from south africa whatsapp number unwanted numbers, e.g. from withheld numbers . This allows you to receive only those calls that come from verified numbers.

 individual message that will be broadcast to the caller.

In order to extract the data of Sad Life Boxnumbers, you should use the tab (located in the Customer Panel) “Phone book” , i.e. develop an appropriate book containing a list of telephone numbers. The selected book should then be ad in the editor of the describ tool.

In the “My Switchboards” tab, in the “Created Switchboards” section, enter the name of the switchboard or the number integrated with it and… find your switchboard.

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