We have divided professional future call set voice-over artists into two groups who record welcome messages for our Clients in virtual switchboards. From now on, the package of the first three recordings costs from PLN 199 net.

Based on the announcement they hear, Customers form an initial opinion about your company . It can make the caller feel positive, neutral or negative about your company, even “in the lead-up”. How is that possible? It’s simple. If the announcement is prepared professionally, logically, and the speaker has a friendly tone of voice, the first impression will be positive and you can increase your chances of acquiring a given Customer at this stage. However, if the message is read, for example, unclearly, too quickly or ends “in mid-sentence”, the discouraged Customer may approach the telephone conversation with you with reserve, or in the worst case, hang up, while listening to the message.

It is therefore important that telephone announcements are:

very well developed in terms of content,
logically emitted, depending on russian number for whatsapp the period (different ones during working hours, different ones after hours or during holidays, etc.),
recorded by experienced and professional speakers.
In connection with the above, in order to meet the requirements of our Clients, we have prepared a new offer of voice-over recordings . Additionally, new voice-over artists have appeared in our portfolio .

The message that Customers who call your company hear is often the first element they encounter.

We have divided our speakers into Sad Life Box two groups, with different prices for recordings. So far, the cheapest package of three announcements in Polish cost PLN 250 net, now it is available from PLN 199 net. In the case of recordings in English, they are currently available in a package (containing max. 3 recordings) from PLN 230 net.

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