This tip might be helpful if you’re looking for the cheapest way to send a heavy package.

If you need to send a dense package a short distance, you can save with the USPS Priority Mail Regional Rate.  the package’s rates are based on the distance traveled.  this method requires the use of USPS-branded packaging (boxes A and B).

Box A allows you to ship a maximum of 15 pounds for domestic orders and a maximum of 10 pounds for international orders.

With Box B, you can ship a maximum of 20 pounds for both domestic and international orders. Both boxes come in different sizes, so you have several options to choose from.
This option can be the cheapest way to send a package that is heavy but small. Think of dumbbells. The heavier your package, the more you save.

Check out this video for more tips on shipping with Regional Rate Boxes A and B:

Ship Boxes with Flat Rate Envelopes
A flat rate is a fixed rate of payment (as in, one that whatsapp germany number stays the same no matter what you’re shipping). It’s good for saving on costs as it is, and sometimes it can be the point-blank cheapest way to ship a package, but we’ve got more tricks up our sleeves than just that.

What if you need an extra protection layer for your package but want to save on shipping? Here’s a hack for you: pack your product into a box and put the box inside a flat rate envelope (try a padded one for even more protection!)

You can use your own box or order a free one from USPS. Stumped? Try out a Small Flat Rate Box. It snugly fits most USPS flat rate envelopes:

The Cheapest Ways to Send a Package: 6 USPS Tips
Image: video by Lindey Glenn

this tip won’t work for every product, but if your item fits into a box and an envelope, you can send it at a flat rate and save some money.  if it fits, it ships!

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Use Padded Flat Rate Envelopes

USPS offers a lot of flat rate packages—from small envelopes Sad Life Box to large boxes. 但是 Priority Mail Padded Flat Rate Envelope has really caught our attention. It’s lined with bubble padding and thick enough to protect your product, no matter what it is (well, reasonably speaking).

That means you can ship relatively large items with padded envelopes, as long as they fit. This could be a great option for things like clothes, books, or wooden art pieces.

这个 视频 shows off how padded envelopes are flexible enough to fit bigger products:

The Cheapest Ways to Send a Package: 6 USPS Tips

Learn more: 6 Ways You Can Save Money Shipping Items with USPS Padded Envelopes

Buy Discounted Shipping Labels via Ecwid

Tips and tricks for saving on supplies and optimizing packaging are great. But what if you could actually pay less overall to ship than you do by stopping at your local post office?

If you run an Ecwid store, you can purchase discounted shipping labels directly in your Ecwid admin. These offer the cheapest shipping rates — lower than retail rates at the post office !

Not only will printing your own labels save you on shipping costs, but they’ll also save you time. Buy a label, print it, stick it on your package, and drop it off at your local post office; no need to wait in line. You can even skip going to a post office (and add saving on gas to your list)—just request a home pickup, and a postal worker will grab your package on their regular route.

, if you’re looking for the cheapest way to send a package internationally, discounted rates could be the solution you need. International shipping costs are usually the highest, but with Ecwid, international shipping becomes affordable shipping, as you can buy discounted labels for international shipments too.

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