You can also disable Life360 by turning off location sharing. It’s a quick way of doing things. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open
  2. Click ‘ Settings ‘
  3. Click on ‘ Circle Switcher ‘
  4. Select the circles you want to stop sharing with.
  5. Slide the switch to the off position.

common problem

Will it send a notification when you stop sharing your location?

One question many whatsapp numbers database people ask is, will it notify you when you stop sharing your location? Unfortunately, the answer is yes.

Can Life360 track your powered off phone?

Won’t. Here is a quick fix for those who don’t want to use any of the above solutions to pause Life360.

Can Life360 track text messages?

Many young people are worried, can Life360 view your application ? Although Life360 cannot see what a person is doing on their devices (e.g., sending text messages, making phone calls, etc.), it can connect to those devices. This Sad Life Box  means that it can track any message sent between Circle members. So if your friend isn’t in your circles, you won’t be able to see messages you send them.

in conclusion

All in all, while Life360 is a useful app for parents, it can be annoying for the typical teenager who might want to go somewhere their parents don’t approve of – we all do it! Thankfully, these 4 ways to pause Life360 can help teens get through this rebellious stage without their parents knowing.

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