The company can also develop its web referencing and visibility thanks to customer reviews. Using satisfaction questionnaires to obtain feedback on its products and services is very useful for improving its natural referencing. Not to mention that online reviews reassure prospects and encourage the act of purchasing on the web. The satisfaction questionnaire can thus influence the conversion rate and the turnover.

By asking targeted questions, the satisfaction questionnaire brings out tomorrow’s expectations. Companies then learn about the changing needs, behaviors and habits of each consumer. To stand out from the competition, they will draw on this data to offer innovative products. Satisfaction questionnaires then make it possible to anticipate market developments in the short and medium term.

Here are some examples of questions to ask in a satisfaction questionnaire:


Socio-demographic issues
These questions aim to get an overview of the social context and demographic situation of the respondents. Socio-demographic data is numéro whatsapp france very useful data for knowing the clientele and segmenting the target audience. Indeed, the answers may vary depending on the different groups of people interviewed. Here are some examples of socio-demographic questions to ask during a satisfaction survey:

The question of overall satisfaction
This question is often asked at the beginning of the survey. It consists of asking each customer if they are satisfied with their experience and evaluating this satisfaction on a scale, such as a Likert scale:


The average of all the responses given on this scale provides an overall satisfaction rate. This satisfaction rate is one of the indicators needed to monitor changes in customer satisfaction over time.

Questions about a company’s products and services

results on the experience of customers who have purchased and used a product or service. The objective is to evaluate the aspects of the offer that give satisfaction or not. It also allows a company to have a precise idea on how the target audience uses its products and services. These can be different types of requests:

Questions of dissatisfaction
Measuring customer satisfaction also helps Sad Life Box detect dissatisfied customers. This is a critical step that helps a business determine what is problematic and what can be improved. Here are some examples of questions to ask when investigating dissatisfaction:

Specify the reason for your dissatisfaction (check boxes quality / design / price / after-sales service)To go further, optimize your customer experience and analyze opportunities to improve your customer journey by downloading the customer satisfaction survey template , or discover HubSpot’s customer service software.


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