Sales platforms are among the most important additions to every business’s tool stack, both remote and in-office, due to their sheer efficiency. They bring prospecting, engagement, campaign management, and closing features all under one roof.

In another series of our top sales software reviews, let’s give a warm welcome to—a powerhouse in the sales automation market.

Let’s dive right into it

P.S. We’ve already covered a detailed lemlist review, and will consistently add new ones to make this a new tradition, helping you make the right decision when looking for a new sales software for your business.

What is The product overview
With over 500,000 companies using phone number search lebanon for their sales operations, it’s safe to say that it’s an incredibly functional and credible automation tool. While positioned as a sales intelligence platform on G2, is the embodiment of a true all-in-one sales automation suite.

Phone Number Data

Containing an extensive lead database, inbound and outbound prospecting features, multichannel sales engagement, deal management, analytics, email deliverability, and more, businesses can seamlessly integrate all their sales processes with

It’s gained a particularly strong Sad Life Box reputation for its rich lead database with consistent detail and up-to-date prospect and company data, as well as highly effective intent signals. This empowers sales reps to pinpoint the hottest leads and launch Apollo outreach sequences at the most optimal time, greatly increasing the odds of booking a demo and making the sale.

Suitable for businesses of all sizes and industries, is a versatile tool that can be used by both sales and marketing teams, streamlining and automating their inbound and outbound efforts.

How to get started with

Creating your account is incredibly simple, just sign up with your work email or directly through Google/Microsoft with your work or personal email..and that’s it.

apollo onboarding as a part of Apollo review

You can always skip the onboarding (top right corner) and come back to it at any time, but with complex tools like sales automation platforms, it’s always best to undergo the training right away to experience the product for its full potential, even if you’re just testing it out.

Once setup is complete, or should you choose to skip it for later, users will enter their dashboard for the first time:

Apollo dashboard

The UI is incredibly clean and unclustered, and while. I am a fan of minimalistic layout and design, this may not be everyone’s cup of tea.

Assuming you’ve completed the onboarding or sufficiently tested out the platform dashboard. You are now ready to get down to business and use to supercharge your sales workflows.

What are the main features? has a robust set of features designed for every stage of the B2B selling process. From identifying targeted prospects to closing deals. While a traditional sales tool, is quite versatile, also utilized by marketing, business development, and revenue teams.

Here’s an overview of’s main features that make. This product one of the most powerful sales automation platforms on the market.

Contact database
Apollo reviews show good attitude to its database gives users access to its rich and extremely detailed. Contact data on a whopping 275 million prospects and 73 million companies.

As you can see, there are enough search filters to go around for everyone. Allowing sales, marketing, and development teams to build hyper-targeted prospect lists with ease. As with other consolidated sales platforms with native databases, users can then push. Their new cntacts into existing outreach campaigns with a click of a button.

What’s great about Apollo’s contact database is that it goes way beyond. The general name and email finder — it also provides businesses with buying intent and buying signals data. This could be anything from ‘company expansion’ to ‘opened 2+ emails in 1 week’ and so on, helping you. Prioritize those leads that show potential interest in making a purchase.

Their database is regularly updat to ensure the most accurate and up-to-date data. All in all — a very worthy B2B contact database. That definitely cancels out the need for purchasing a separate lead generation tool.


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