Here are 15 examples of optimized landing pages that use all of these elements in different ways.


French startup Freebe offers an online management solution for micro-entrepreneurs and freelancers. Launched in 2018, this platform has won over many independents.

What works on this landing page example is undoubtedly the understanding of the management issues that micro-enterprises face. An overview of the dashboard as well as all the features — Freebe’s main competitive advantages — are presented in detail.

Freebe Landing Page

Alan has understood well that this public

Alan is a French mutual insurance company specializing in self-employed people. Once again, the strength of this landing page example lies in understanding its target.

Indeed, the self-employed must manage their business in addition to the commercial follow-up of their client.does not have the time to manage “the paperwork”.

The landing page promises “life-changing mutual insurance” without wasting administrative time. Also noteworthy is the call-to-action that mexico girls whatsapp number gives the user the choice to sign up now or discover the guarantees.

Alan’s Landing Page


The French start-up Stello specializes in insurance for entrepreneurs, VSEs and the self-employed.

The strength of this landing page example lies in several elements:

The call-to-action button allows the Internet user to discover Stello’s offer.
of the insurance company.
The example “starting today, insure your music business” shows the scope of the target.
The ability to ask questions and have them answered live.
Stello landing page

There is no need to introduce Airbnb

The leading platform for vacation rentals. This legendary start-up offers an excellent example of a landing page that converts.

The value of the platform is immediately Sad Life Box understood. The Internet user is attracted by its financial interest displayed in large characters.

Deliveroo is an application that allows you to have food delivered straight from the best restaurants. Below is an example of the landing page for their service, which is aimed at restaurateurs and businesses.

The strength of this landing page lies in the highlighting of reassuring elements to establish its value proposition:



Vinted is a platform for selling and buying second-hand clothes and objects. The second-hand giant is on the rise and it’s not by chance.

Its landing page is clear and effective. It directly highlights the customer benefit: he has too many clothes in his closet and wants to get rid of them.

The call-to-action “Sell now” implies a simple, quick and immediate action. The illustration helps to humanize the application and demonstrates that with Vinted, sorting is not a boring task, because behind it there is necessarily a good deal.


Sprout Social’s landing page is powerful and comprehensive. The content that appears above the fold consists of several elements:


Dropbox , a cloud storage giant, allows you to save and share files online with the main advantage of being able to access them from any desktop or mobile device.

The hook of this landing page emphasizes the extent of the features offered, in order to intrigue the reader who only has to click on the call-to-action just below to benefit from a 30-day free trial.

Just above the fold, Dropbox presents 3 of its main features to give the user a taste of the possibilities.



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