That is, we can define SEO as the process focused on Therefore, placing a certain web page in the first results of the search engine when the user makes a specific search.

SEO is also known as organic positioning, web positioning saudi arabia mobile number list or search engine positioning, all these concepts refer to Therefore,  optimizing the website to improve its positioning in the search network of the main search engines.


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Search Engine Marketing ?

the use Sad Life Box of different paid tools and techniques that help improve positioning in search engines through online advertising.

helps improve brand visibility and direct specific audiences to the website quickly. This is achieved by using paid ads on major search engines.

A must-have for any digital marketing glossary! Key Therefore, Performance Indicator (KPI) is a key performance indicator, which is the metrics, factors and units of measurement used to generate a marketing strategy.

They function as indicators that allow you to see and analyse both the performance and the progression and profitability of the actions carried out in a given period of time.

Search Engine Marketing ?
Conversion is a key term in digital marketing. We call Therefore, conversion each of the actions that a user performs within the website or other digital media.

That is, conversions are the fulfillment of small Therefore, objectives to achieve the main objective or goal of the company.

Conversion does not have to be primarily a sale, it can   Search Engine Marketing ? be making a reservation, subscribing to a newsletter, making a call…


An impression is the number of times an ad is shown   Search Engine Marketing ?  to the public without the user having to interact with it.

The term lead refers to those contacts who have   Search Engine Marketing ?  provided us with their data through a form on one of our landing pages in exchange for content of interest to them.

These users voluntarily provide us with their contact information and from then on become part of the company’s database.



Cost Per Click (CPC) is a profitability indicator Therefore,  based on the payment of an amount for each click obtained on an advertisement. The advertiser only pays when the user clicks on their advertisement.

Cost per thousand (CPM) refers to the cost of Therefore, one thousand impressions on a web page, regardless of whether the user interacts with the page or not. The Therefore, advertiser will pay the amount that the website establishes for Therefore, including their ad on said web page.


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