Another easy way to prevent  Stop sharing your location on Find your iMessage location from being shown is to stop sharing your location with specific contacts. That’s it:

  1. Select the chat you want in iMessage;
  2. Select ‘ Message ‘ after clicking on their name;
  3. Click ‘ Stop sharing my location ‘.

Don’t worry, just because you find them and do this through a message conversation with them doesn’t mean they will be notified that you did so and nothing will be sent to them.

You can also   whatsapp numbers list sharing your location using Find My . Proceed as follows:

  1. Find the ‘ Find My ‘ app and open it;
  2. Select ‘ People ‘;
  3. Select the people you want to hide your location from;
  4. Click on the person’s name and scroll down to select ‘ Stop sharing my location ‘.

Turn on airplane mode

A quick way to pause iMessage targeting is to turn on airplane mode. If you realize you’re somewhere and don’t want others to know where you are, a quick swipe down Sad Life Box will activate airplane mode in seconds. When you turn this feature off, iMessage won’t share your location or send notifications to anyone. It’s simple and discreet for however long you need – as long as you don’t need to stay connected for any other reason. Proceed as follows:

  1. Open settings;
  2. Find pictures of airplanes;
  3. click it.

in conclusion

Therefore, you have several ways to hide your location from your contacts on iMessage. Don’t forget that if you stop sharing your location directly with iMessage, your contacts won’t receive notifications. However, they will receive a notification when you start sharing with them again. This may highlight that you have been hiding your whereabouts from them for some time. If you’re concerned about this, choose one of the other methods.

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