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 in Copywriting mr-miyagi-copywriting-advice-  usa phone numbers list Copywriting is a bit like martial arts; you don’t need to take aggressive action to see results. Image source. Marketing can be like martial arts. In a fight . you can floor your opponent with brute force. You can throw a burst of punches and strikes . or grapple until you’re blue in the face.

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 Or you can calmly step back .

target one of your opponent’s pressure points . and quickly end the fight with one swift strike. Marketing your business is the same. You can grow by taking aggressive action. You can crank out more content . or pay for ads and leads to increase traffic.


 Or… simply step back and target the “pressure  Sad Life Box points” in your marketing by finding small tweaks that create big wins. One of the best ways to get big wins from small tweaks is to focus on converting more prospects into customers by strengthening your copy. But not all copywriting tweaks are created equal. You can spend hours tweaking the wrong things and get weak results .


 so here are five simple but effective

ways to ramp up your conversions by cranking up the power of your copy… Mr. Miyagi style. . Use open loops to seduce your prospect Ever had an awesome TV show that you couldn’t stop watching A series of books that you couldn’t put down You have Congratulations .


 you’ve experienced the power of open loops (also called the Zeigarnik effect). Open loops prey on our brain’s natural desire for completion. You see . the brain enters a state of confusion or tension when it views something as incomplete. The cause could be a story . a question . even a household chore that you forgot to complete — and the only way to overcome that confusion and tension is for your brain to close the open loop.

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