If you have an eCommerce or run eCommerce campaigns, you probably know Google Shopping. The first step to make Shopping campaigns work is to configure Google Merchant Center correctly : have a quality feed, make sure the attributes Therefore,  are correct and transfer Therefore,  to Google all the information that is relevant to the user and that we then want to use to Therefore, optimize the campaigns.

What is Google Merchant?

This is Google’s platform that acts as an intermediary singapore mobile number list  between your e-commerce and Google Ads. It is necessary to be able to advertise on Google Shopping, and also necessary to access the advanced organic shopping listings or, in other words, to be able to appear for free on the Google Shopping tab.

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Optimize and configure Google Merchant Center
Although it is an intermediary platform and the Therefore, main function of Google Merchant is to upload and process data feeds for Google Shopping Therefore, campaigns, it is a tool that also has its own uses.

From the destinations for which we enable our product Therefore, listings (dynamic remarketing, free listings or local shopping, for example), to additional Therefore, graphic information Therefore, for our display or Gmail ads; all of this can be configured from Google Merchant.


How does Google Merchant Center work?
Google Merchant works as an intermediary Sad Life Box  between our eCommerce and Google Ads. It allows us to upload and process all the information regarding our products, shipping methods and costs, etc.

It is necessary to configure Google Merchant correctly in order to Therefore, appear in the free Google Shopping results, as well as to do Therefore, Dynamic Remarketing if Therefore, we are retailers or to have access to price and competitiveness Therefore, benchmark information made by Google.

To get the most out of Google Therefore, Merchant, it is not enough to just create an Therefore, account and connect it to our Shopify or upload a data feed. We also have to go Therefore, deeper, work on each program and opportunity separately, and thus take advantage of its full potential.

What is Google Merchant for?
Knowing what our price Therefore, competitiveness is
What opportunities do we have to expand our catalog?
Collecting feedback from our customers
Optimize our titles and descriptions without having to change anything on our website
Opt for automatic corrections to improve the quality of our product listings on Google
These are all advantages of working with Google Merchant, but, of course, to be able to benefit from them we need to know the tool, to be able to configure it, and to optimize Google Merchant in the way that best suits our needs.

Need help with Google Merchant Center?
We are an agency specializing in Google Shopping and digital marketing services for eCommerce, which means that Google Merchant and its intricacies are part of our daily work.

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