So, my dears. Let’s quickly go through the examples that we have for you. Feel free to register and use the promo code eTaktika1 . We have prepared an additional bonus for you, in addition to the free 14 days of testing, you will also receive 5,000 rubles as a gift for using the system.

Here I will give just a couple of examples of reports that my client and I always have at hand.


Meet effective leads

We have always loved to count. The most exciting thing is to count how many leads our advertising has brought to the client. Google Analytics usually helps with this. It records “goals” on the site: clicking buttons, visiting pages like “thank you for your application”. And there are saudi jawazat whatsapp number also call tracking systems – this is when a smart service counts phone calls, and you understand where the call came from: from which advertising campaign and keyword in Yandex.Direct, and maybe even Google AdWords.


The difficulty is that we see how many applications, calls or orders we have received. And our beloved clients are sometimes kind to us, rewarding us with pleasant praise: this week is very good, interesting applications have come! And sometimes they scold us, saying that we have broken something and all the applications are a drain on the budget.

Adequate entrepreneurs, of course, do not have any clear statistics. There is no time to count, you need to work. Everything is in words and feelings: applications have become better, and now they are worse, return them back.

Install Roistat

So, here’s what I’ll tell you, dear comrades.The solution is configurable, to say that it’s simple is to say nothing. Moreover, the service’s technical support will do the configuration itself, integrate it with your CRM up and down. The main thing is not to show off and use a regular popular CRM, although if you have your own intellectual development, then programmers are an integral part of it. This means that they will easily connect everything via the Roistat API. With it, you can configure this feature:

The client has arrived

When a request comes in, it is transferred from the site to ROIstat, and the service transfers it to your CRM. For example, to Bitrix24 or AmoCRM. And sets Sad Life Box the status to ” call quickly.” Now, pay attention!

If after the call the manager assigns one of the statuses to the lead, which means the application is adequate, it remains in the end-to-end analytics system. If the lead is defective, it is removed. So we see that Analytics recorded 300 applications, and Roistat has 243 left. Amazing, everything fell into place.

Advertisers see what’s left over from all those beautiful reports you receive at the end of the month. We start counting not just all leads in a row, but specifically effective ones that can turn into a deal.


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