Digital marketing is all about numbers. Measurement, attribution, KPIs and metrics. So, in order to do our job well, we need to know how to read and protect your digital marketing data: our marketing campaigns and strategies.

Google Analytics Security | Who is sending data to your view?

It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve seen clients who don’t recognize the switzerland phone number list pages that appear in the “page views” section. When we see movement (page views, entry or exit) of pages that we don’t recognize within our website, what could be going on? Our Analytics code may be placed on another person’s or company’s domain.

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Why? Almost always by mistake. UAs get mixed up and the codes end up being wrong. Other times, out of pure malice, people send information to our UA to distort our traffic data.

How do we detect it?
Going to the “site content” reports and adding “hostname” as a secondary dimension.

How do we clean data in Google Analytics?
By creating filtered views where we only allow traffic arriving at that domain. In addition, there are other steps we can follow to verify that the information arriving at our Google Analytics account is as reliable as possible.

How to create a domain-filtered view in Analytics

Protect your Google Ads data

However… does your Google Ads conversion tracking code trigger when a sale is “closed” by bank transfer? And do all of these transfers actually happen? I am 90% sure that your answers, in this order, are: YES and NO.

If I’m right, how easy do you think it would be for your competitors to distort your campaign data? Entering through a Google ad, making a large purchase on your website and selecting bank transfer as the payment method… and never making it.

When competitors (or bots) engage in such unfair practices, it is normal for the data we see in our account to be distorted. We will see higher than normal tickets, for example.

How do we verify the veracity of data in Google Ads?
It’s complicated. We will usually see strange things: very high conversion rates, strange tickets, unusual transaction peaks, etc. But the truth is that, to detect this, we must be very attentive, analyze it in detail, and most likely we will miss it and not be able to detect all the fraud.

How do we keep Google Ads data clean?

Here you can find all the information on how to delete conversions from your Google Ads account.

Facebook Ads Security
As with Google Analytics, on Facebook’s advertising platform it is easy for a user to access our pixel ID (through the pixel helper) and send data to it. That is why it is so important to take care of traffic permissions in Facebook Ads , to protect our data.

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