TeleCube has received a pool of a thousand new landline numbers from the Gdańsk area (with the prefix “58”). There are many gold and platinum numbers among them, i.e. our most beautiful-looking numbers.

If you want to learn more about telephone numbers in TeleCube,

“city numbers” and familiarize yourself with the offers. We remind you that you can see regular and gold numbers on the panel. We encourage you to use the “number should contain” field, thanks to which you can check the availability of whatsapp group iraq numbers consisting of a specific sequence of digits. To receive a list containing platinum numbers , contact our sales department at: 22 1131415 ext. 2 or write to us an e-mail at: [email protected]

Important information for current and future holders of Italian numbers

We would like to inform Sad Life Box current and future holders of Italian numbers that due to changes in requirements introduced by the Italian Ministry of the Interior and enforced by Italian telephone operators, we are obliged to transfer subscriber data from Customers who have or want to purchase Italian landline numbers from TeleCube . To meet the requirement, it is necessary to have an Italian address and an appropriate document that can confirm it.

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