When it comes to writing copy . an open loop is a part of your sales message that doesn’t tie up imm

iately. You can apply open loops to any copy and instantly make it more magnetic. Here’s an open loop example from the CopyHour landing page. copywriting-copyhour-landing-page The writer starts the sales letter with talk of a mysterious  Numbers Unveiled: Insights from Statistical Data little secret that top copywriters us

to sharpen their chops .


 and as a result make bucket loads of cash

– instantly making you wonder what this secret is. But it doesn’t stop there. The sales page goes on to constantly dangle this secret right in front of your face. This strengthens your curiosity and makes you more invested in finding out what Numbers Unveiled: Insights from Statistical Data  the mysterious secret is – increasing the chance of a conversion.


 Open loops aren’t hard to implement.

The easiest way to get started is to ask more questions  saudi mobile number check in your copy and vaguely expand on the question . just like the example above. This lack of completion makes your reader feel curious and more invested in your copy. Top tip: Keep your content loops fresh by experimenting with a nifty copy generator Smart Copy to switch up your messaging and find new ways to talk about your product.

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 Make your first sentence hypnotic

Your first sentence has to open with a bang. It has to immediately snag your audience’s attention and drag them into your copy. If your readers don’t make it past the first few sentences . they sure as hell ain’t making it to your call to action. Shortening your sentences (and your first sentence in particular) is an excellent way to make your copy a little bit more engaging.


 The trick is to make sentences so

short and easy to read that they instantly suck your Sad Life Box reader into your copy. In his book Advertising Secrets Of The Written Word . legendary copywriter Joseph Sugarman even said: My first sentences are so short . they almost aren’t sentences. Take for example the opening sentence on Chartbeat’s landing page for their study on audience development.



Have a look at how short and simple the opening is: It’s not enough to just count clicks and page views anymore. When someone begins by reading that . they’re naturally inclined to wonder . “What is enough then What’s wrong with counting clicks and page views What should I measure ” These questions then fuel the reader with enough coals of curiosity to make him want to read on.


 Also . shorter sentences look like a piece of cake to read . which increases the chances of someone actually getting through your copy. This is a huge benefit because it’s harder to stop reading copy once you’re already interested and curious. . Deploy power verbs for maximum impact Good copy paints pleasing pictures in the minds of your prospects.

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