Since its arrival at Velneo vERP, the REST API has been the solution to thousands of needs of developers and their clients.

Improvements have been made over time and in this version. We take an important functional leap with the arrival of version 2 of the REST API.

First of all we would like to point out that version 1 will continue to be. Available and all your applications and services will continue to be functional. Without having to be revise.

In this version 2 we have made important improvements such as:

The update of the documentation sta kuwait phone number search ndard that has gone from Swagger 2.0 to the new OpenAPI 3.0.

Different response or status values ​​have been incorporated. Which has gone from always being 200 to returning the value corresponding to the error that occurs. Which facilitates integration with multiple services.

Additionally, multiple keys can now be resolved for each index. With values ​​passed separated by commas.

For compatibility with version 1the use of the parameter

Another important improvement is the implementation.  Of a log that records all requests received by each REST API and its response.

Upgrade to REST API version 2 to add these features to all your applications and deliver more value to users.

‍If there is one action that we repeat constantly during a development session. It is copying lines of code that make use of local variables.

Until now, when pasting that code. We had to worry about doing the same process with the local variables used by that code.  Which forced us to know which ones to copy select them. And paste them to the new destination.

Even if there was a lot of complexity due to the number

of variables, we could use the error inspector or use the technique. Of copying all the variables pasting them and using the. Unused button to delete the corresponding ones.

The big news is that now when we paste lines of co de the editor also pastes. The local variables used by the code. Doing so intelligently so as not to spoil the existing code and variables.

The advantages don’t end here, the new system of copying Sad Life Box  local variables applies to any object that uses them at a global level throughout the entire project.

For example when we copy controls from a form, when we copy components from a search, and when we copy update components, etc.

Not only will you save time you will also work more safely. 

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