We are giving you a new New speakers functionality called “Web2Call”. Thanks to it, you can (using the widget, which is located on the main page of the Client panel, in the left column, in the middle block) automatically establish a connection between page “A” and page “B”.

Additionally New speakers

To make a call, click in the australia number for whatsapp above block, on the “Web2Call” link, then enter (or select from the list) the caller’s number in the first field, and the recipient’s number in the next.
After clicking the “Connect” button, the conversation will be initiated.

A given connection (or even a dozen or so connections) can be scheduled for any future date ,

it is possible to select the Sad Life Box telephone number that will be used during the call.
To use additional options, click the “Show Advanced Settings” button and make the appropriate selection.After clicking the link to a specific queue, the “Show queue members” button will appear. By clicking it, we will see the current consultants who are handling the given queue. We can now add a new consultant or even several consultants to this queue. We can do this by pressing the “+” button and then selecting the given consultant from the list.

TeleCube Web2Call Widget, Advanced Settings
Settings in the TeleCube Web2Call widget
We encourage you to test Web2Call and wish you only successful calls!

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