For business entities, identification with such a number is a very good solution, both in terms of practice and image (PR) . Why? Because customers of a company that has platinum numbers perceive it as more prestigious and customer-friendly, and therefore have greater trust in it and are more willing to use its services. In addition, they often remember such numbers very quickly, permanently, and thanks to this, they can call a given company without searching for the number in their notes.

 A very easy-to-remember sequence of digits that make them up.

TeleCube cyclically offers its Customers new platinum numbers. This week the offer has been expanded primarily by a pool of numbers from the Poznań zone. New numbers include: 61 111 00 11 , 611 110 611 , 61111 0 111 .

From 18 to 31 May 2017 – numbers cheaper by up to 15%
To further encourage people to take advantage of the platinum number offer, a special promotional discount has been introduc since May 18th , on the one-time activation fee associat with obtaining a given number. The discount ranges from 10 to 15%, depending on the type of number, and is valid until May 31st.

Platinum numbers, as part of the spain whatsapp number promotion, can be obtain by paying from PLN 360 net to PLN 1105 net. In addition to Poznań numbers, you can buy numbers from other numbering zones, e.g. 46 46 46 046 , 222 30 2000 , 253 253 253 , 222 30 2222 .

To take advantage of the promotion, you must :

contact the TeleCube sales Sad Life Box department at 22 1131415 ext. 2 or at the email address: [email protected] ,
ask for an up-to-date list of available platinum numbers, quoting the promotion code “Platinum discount”,
select a specific number and inform (by e-mail) the TeleCube sales department about your desire to purchase it.
After the availability of a given number is confirm by a TeleCube employee, the number is assign to a given company or (if the TeleCube Subscriber uses the prepaid service and does not have sufficient funds in the account to cover the activation fee) it is reserv for a period of 48 hours, and the activation fee must be paid within that time (no later than 31 May this year).

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