The United States of America’s (USA) security systems are among the most robust in existence, protecting data from one of the world’s greatest powers. However, Microsoft warns that a massive cyberattack promoted by Russia will hit the country. According to the company, hackers are responsible for the SolarWinds attacks. Microsoft Cyberattack According to a Microsoft publication, although President Joe Biden is imposing penalties on Russian financial institutions, cyberattacks promoted by the country continue to threaten American infrastructure.


These cyberattacks were later dubbed


Investigations at the time revealed that the breaches originated in . Russia and were carried out by a state-sponsored actor called bulk usa phone numbers Nobelium, which is part of the foreign intelligence service called the SVR. Microsoft Microsoft: Russian-sponsored cyberattacks weaken the US In the same post, Tom Burt, Microsoft’s vice president of Customer Trust and Security, revealed that Nobelium is attacking different parts of the global information technology supply chain, cloud service resellers, as well as other technology providers.

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Cyberattack was carried

In fact, a few months ago, a hundreds of companies in 17 countries. By having access to the systems of these technology providers . Russia will Sad Life Box also have access to the networks of its customers. Thus, according to Microsoft, the country  . Intends to obtain “systematic and long-term access” for surveillance, both now and in the future.


To that end, it has released

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