With its growing market share , WordPress has been – and continues to be – the most popular CMS for creating, managing and developing websites.

However, WordPress is only responsible for a small part of website development. What about devices that don’t run WordPress? They also design, develop, and maintain online applications for their organization, clients, customers, or themselves.

At Kinsta, we work with thousands of developers and hundreds of agencies whose clients have projects built on top of WordPress. Many also have projects that are n’t powered by the popular CMS.

Until now, Kinsta focused on building managed WordPress hosting solutions – which meant that customers (and their clients) couldn’t take advantage of our platform for non-WordPress projects and host all of their projects “under one roof.” This made their job harder and less efficient.

So we started looking for ways to make their lives easier.

The more feedback we received and the more conversations we had with our  customers and beta testers about their projects, the more we realized that our customers were experiencing a hidden pain point.

So we started looking for ways to make their lives easier.

We realize that this pain point is experienced by almost every Therefore, developer, DevOps pakistan numbers list team, and agency managing web projects. Everyone struggles with it and is eager to find a better solution.

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Developers shouldn’t waste time worrying about hosting; they should focus on development.
What is the problem?

Lack of simplicity in a cloud hosting platform.

Developers want to ship their apps quickly. Developers need a platform that allows them to have everything in one place, under one roof.

A simple, clear and easy-to-use platform in a way that does not confine development Sad Life Box work to a single technology, framework or library.

A platform that is easy to learn and use from day one without Therefore, the need for special courses or platform-specific certifications.

A platform with a simple and transparent pricing model. (Have you ever tried to understand AWS pricing? Challenging!)

We knew that Kinsta’s containerized architecture would allow us to meet these needs and deliver the platform and tools for developers to do their best work.

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