There is no question that the arrival of automation and modern structures in Google Ads has made the quality level of keywords in Google Ads take a backseat in the Google Search Network . And not without reason, because, undoubtedly, the priority objective has to be to maximize conversions and minimize the cost of each one of them regardless of the quality levels of our keywords .

However, we must be aware that its relevance in the auctions remains exactly the same and that the higher the quality level , the lower the actual CPC we will have to pay for each click, that is immutable. At CrackPPC we try to maximize the three components of the quality level in Google Ads regardless of the structure or bidding strategy we use.

Components of the Quality Level in Google Ads or Quality Score

Expected CTR
Regarding expected CTR, Google tells us: “ …it measures the turkish phone number database  likelihood that a user will click on your ad…This metric is based on the past click-through rate performance of your ads. It does not take into account the effects of ad position or other factors that affect ad visibility… ”

Basically, what Google will value is that relevant ads are shown to users who are really interested in the products or services offered. This is the component of the quality level that is most beyond the control of managers. A good selection of keywords , the negation of non-relevant search terms and an attractive ad will help us to maximize the expected CTR.

Phone Number

The relevance of the page’s content to the keyword and search term used by the user.
The landing page experience should be easy to navigate and original so that users can easily find their query.
To reinforce the first point, at CrackPPC, we share with the client an exhaustive list of the keywords that we use so that they can include them logically and naturally (this is important) in the different landing pages. In no case is it about including them for the sake of including them or shoehorning them in.

As regards the second point, as managers, there is little we can do. It is important to share with the client all the basic UX recommendations and recommend that they take a frequent look at the tools that Google makes available to us for monitoring the speed of the website , structured data , degree of mobile optimization , grow my store , etc. etc.

Relevance of the Announcement

Regarding ad relevance, Google says: “ …evaluates the Sad Life Box degree of match between your keyword and your ad message .”

This is the component of the quality level in Google Ads that we have the most ability to make changes or modifications to. It basically boils down to maximizing the number of times the keyword appears in our ads. To do this in the most natural way possible and to ensure that the copies don’t sound too “forced”, we recommend some basic tips : always make sure the keyword is in the title 1, in the paths and, at least, appears once in the description. This is more than enough.

How is Quality Score Calculated in Google Ads?
Although it is something unknown to many, the quality level of keywords in Google Ads, each of the

We leave you with a couple of images so that you can see that over time you can see very interesting things. The best thing to do is to make notes, because, as you can imagine, with the passage of time we forget the different changes that are made.

Client A: Four years of monitoring

quality score in google ads
Client B: Account restructuring + automation

quality score in google ads

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