Is it illegal to track someone’s phone?

Sharing data is almost inevitable when using most apps these days. With more than 82.78% of iOS apps tracking private user data, the lines between acceptable and legal have become blurred. You may be wondering – is it illegal to track someone’s phone? The answer is complicated. Let’s find out more!

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Is it illegal to track someone without their knowledge?



In short, yes! It is illegal to track someone else’s phone without their explicit consent. However, certain tricky situations may warrant its use.

As a parent, your child’s safety comes first. Keeping track of their whereabouts can make a Sad Life Box  big difference. Employers may be required to report transportation updates. Therefore, they may need to track company vehicles and, by extension, the location of employees.

We’ve all been in this situation. Your friends have traveled far and wide, leaving you worried about their safety. Likewise, you may have concerns about your spouse’s behavior. No matter what, if you suspect danger or foul play, humans will try to find your loved one.

Looking at these cases, it’s easy to see why people need to be watched closely.

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