We recently talked about how you can increase the number of sales of an online store without increasing the number of orders: How to increase shipments by reducing the number of orders on the site

But you always want more sales!

Therefore, following the increase in the percentage of completed orders, we decided to increase the conversion rate into orders.


Stage One: Sales Funnel and Hypotheses

We built a sales funnel to find out where lebanon whatsapp number we were losing most of our visitors. It turned out that only 0.51% of visitors go to the cart, so we decided to work with product cards.

What we have implemented:

  • Information about delivery and payment is now displayed on the product card immediately, without unnecessary clicks
  • A one-click order window has appeared
  • The product card immediately indicates whether the product is in stock
  • Made a big “Add to cart” button
  • Made a bright, large price

Figure 1. Old and new product card

Step Two: Observation and Measuring Results

The results were noticeable after just a couple of days. Visitors started going to the cart from the product card much more often, which is what we were trying to achieve:

Table 1. Comparison of results by months

Figure 2. Comparative sales funnel

Further plans to increase sales

  • Conduct experiments to Sad Life Box increase cart conversion
  • Expand the range of products, similar to which are already selling well on the site
  • Create product sets
  • Add shipping cost calculation to the site

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