Want to disable WordPress update notifications but don’t know where to start?

The update notifications that WordPress provides can be useful for staying informed about new updates available and keeping track of automatic updates on your site. However, you may want to disable them to reduce the amount of information in your WordPress dashboard or email inbox. Or, because you have a different way of managing updates, making the notifications unnecessary.

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Fortunately, you have several options for disabling update notifications in WordPress, including free plugins and a few simple code snippets.

In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about WordPress update notifications and how you can disable them completely or partially on your website.

What are WordPress update notifications?
WordPress update notifications inform you when updates are available for your site’s phone number database philippines WordPress core software, plugins, or themes.

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Or, if you’ve enabled automatic updates for part or all of your site, update notifications can also let you know when WordPress has automatically updated core software , plugins , or themes .

The Different Types of WordPress Update Notifications

WordPress has two main types of update notifications:

Dashboard notifications – These typically tell you when an update is available. In Sad Life Box some cases, you may also see dashboard notifications after an extension is automatically updated.
Email notifications – These typically inform you when WordPress has automatically applied an update to the core software, as well as plugins or themes (if you have enabled automatic updates for them).
Dashboard update notifications can appear in a few different places. You might see red icons in the Updates , Plugins , or Themes menus in the sidebar. And for some updates (usually just core updates), you’ll also see a dashboard notice in the main interface (which some people find annoying).

WordPress Update Notifications for an Administrator.
WordPress Update Notifications for an Administrator.
The above example assumes that your account has the Administrator user role. However, if there are other users on your site with lower user roles , they may see a prompt like this instead.


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