There are several techniques to implement to generate traffic to your website in order to obtain leads. Customer cases are part of the available solutions. They educate the target customer through web content and show them that the company has the answer to their problems. They highlight the product or service in a subtle way to convince the prospect.

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What is a customer case?
The customer case is a content retracing the experience of a customer who has benefited from a company’s offer. Called “use case”, this marketing tool highlights the product or service sold in a subtle way. Widely used in B2B, it values ​​the customer, but also the solution provided to their problem.

In fact, the customer case presents the problem that the customer encountered and how to resolve it. It is then the periods preceding and following the use of the solution that are discussed.

The goal of a customer case is to both reassure the prospect and highlight the company’s performance. To achieve this result, it takes the form of a text or a video. It reinforces the company’s expertise in the eyes of the lead.


Customer case and case study: what are the differences?

These two terms are often confused with each other, used reciprocally or in complement. However, making the difference between a customer case and a case study is essential to optimize their uses.

In a case study, the brand studies the uk people whatsapp number real and concrete problem of a company that it does not know directly. It is the presentation of a practical case that does not concern one of its customers.

The customer case exposes the experience of a customer of the brand while the case study is the analysis of a company with which it is not related.


The customer case is an essential step in inbound marketing: it allows you to convince a lead in the decision phase. It explains how the company’s product or service can solve the target customer’s problem.

This specific content provides both emotional and rational arguments to the prospect. It shows them that they can engage with confidence. Kate Zabriskie , President of Business Training Works said, “The customer’s perception is your reality.” The customer story helps them identify with the company being presented and immerse themselves in a situation. It eliminates the lead’s blockers, helps reduce customer churn , and connects them to the story being told.


A customer case can be used for marketing and communicatio

The emotional aspect is crucial in decision-making: it triggers the purchase and increases the conversion rate by encouraging customer engagement . A successful customer case is more powerful than a long list of product features and benefits. It links feelings to intellect by providing proof of the merits of the solution proposed by the company and reassures the prospect. In addition, customer cases enhance the value of the company chosen for this analysis and Sad Life Box allow an increase in the customer retention rate .

Good to know : n as well as for the sales department. It should also be noted that 98.8% of the companies surveyed say they want to communicate about their achievements via customer cases.

Upstream, the company must define several objectives to choose its customer case well. It may want to launch a new product or service and know if it will be relevant for its customers, want to promote a particular offer or want to write new content for its target audience and thus show its expertise in its field. This step is essential to ask the right questions and write a relevant customer case.


2. Choose a case that the target customer can identify with
A customer does not subscribe to an offer just because the company’s speech seems relevant. To convince him, the professional must show him that he is there to solve his problem. He must show him that he has already done it in the past and that he can do it again.

The customer case is the ideal content to offer to achieve this since it presents the relationship maintained with previous customers. The company must choose a case that its target can identify with, for example, from a similar sector of activity.

Warren Buffett , CEO of Berkshire Hathaway said: “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to destroy it. If you keep that in mind, you will do things differently.”


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