For any business, setting up and creating prospect files are necessary steps for sales prospecting. Beyond simple contact details, compiling several key pieces of information will make all the difference for the sales team.
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What is a prospect sheet?
The prospect sheet is a synthetic document summarizing the key information about a potential customer. It includes basic data, such as their name and contact details, but also the history of their interactions with the company’s website as well as contacts from the sales team.


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What is the purpose of the prospect sheet?

The prospect sheet is of interest both for marketing segmentation and for commercial prospecting. Indeed, having precise information will allow you to make better contact , avoid missteps and start a more relevant conversation in order to better meet the needs of the prospect.

A well-constructed and complete prospect sheet allows you to:

Better target potential customers.
Offer personalized sales actions and speeches.
Track the history of interactions with the prospect.
Identify new opportunities.

How to make a prospect sheet?


Identify essential fields

Before you start creating the prospect sheet, it is important to identify the essential information that will help assess the prospect’s potential and personalize sales approaches. This may include elements such as the company name, industry, or specific needs.


Structuring the information

Structuring information is essential to ensure the clarity and ease of use of the prospect sheet. It is important to define specific categories and prioritize data so that it is easily accessible and understandable for salespeople. Using color coding can also help quickly visualize the most relevant and priority information.

By organizing information in a logical and coherent manner, the prospect sheet becomes an effective tool for salespeople, helping them to quickly understand the prospect’s profile and adapt their sales approaches accordingly.


Ensuring data quality

The data contained in the prospect file must meet a certain number of quality criteria. In particular, it must be complete, precise, consistent, valid and available. Feedback from salespeople can be valuable in identifying gaps or errors in the information collected.

Perform a regular update

It is essential to ensure that the information in the prospect sheet is always up to date. It will need to be updated regularly, so as not to lose any of the data collected manually by salespeople.


Thinking about GDPR

Whether it is B2B or B2C prospecting, it is essential to obtain the prospect’s consent regarding the use and retention of their personal and professional data.

It is also essential to ensure that appropriate security measures are in place to protect prospect data from unauthorized access, loss or disclosure, in line with GDPR requirements.

What type of information is contained in the prospect sheet?
The prospect’s name and contact details.
His role in the company.
His decision-making power for purchasing.
The history of his interactions with philippine whatsapp number the company (call, email, presence at trade shows or webinars, chat interactions and openings or responses to emails).
The name of the company being prospected.
The area of ​​the activity.
The address of the office(s).
The turnover for the current year (or the previous year or a longer period).
The number of employees.
For a complete profile, company-specific information is important, whether on the same prospect profile or on a company profile that will be linked to it. This helps avoid inconsistencies when interacting with different employees of the same company.

All this data is therefore useful over time and allows you to see the progress of prospecting. Other information may also be relevant to qualify prospects, such as the existence of a specialized department within the company, or on the contrary, to disqualify it, such as student status if you are addressing professionals exclusively.

This prospect sheet includes all the elements expected by salespeople, such as:


The prospect’s contact details.
The degree of progress of the commercial Sad Life Box relationship.
A presentation of its activity, its turnover, the main contacts or even its future projects.
The points of vigilance on which the prospect relies to realize a commercial collaboration.
The interest in developing a business relationship with this potential client.
The history of interactions.

How to obtain the information to create the prospect file?
There are many sources that allow you to collect important information and start a conversation with the future prospect.


Calling on members of the company’s network, whether personal or professional, is the most easily and quickly accessible source of information. Trusting the company, they will be all the more inclined to recommend it to their acquaintances.


The website
The website often allows you to measure the prospect’s interest through different elements: viewing prices, the refund or exchange policy or even delivery times. The same goes for content downloads or registering for a webinar.


Professional events
Similarly, physical events such as trade shows are real opportunities to make contact with potential customers. For this, it is recommended to always have a few blank prospect cards available so as not to forget any important information.


Social networks
On social media, the future prospect may have commented on one of the company’s recent publications. Analyzing their profile or tracking their interactions with the brand are all opportunities to learn more about them and gather useful information, such as their interests or hobbies, for example. Social media makes it easier to search and connect with the right targets.


External databases
Finally, it is possible to buy or rent a prospecting database. Although this represents a certain cost for the company, it saves time and, above all, allows you to benefit from very fine segmentation allowing targeting of prospects most likely to be interested in the offer.



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