Call tracking is needed to determine from. How to choose which source (source, campaign, keyword) the visitor who made the call came.

In which case should you connect call tracking:

  • If you want to measure and improve the effectiveness of your advertising sources
  • If you are currently testing new sources
  • If most of your sales come from phone calls

What types of call tracking are there:

  • Static – each advertising channel is canada company whatsapp number assign a separate phone number. Which replaces the main phone on the site. The number of numbers depends on the number of sources. This way you can determine from which advertising channel the call came.
  • Dynamic – each visitor to the site is assign a phone number, and it is assign to them for some time. The number of numbers depends on the site’s traffic. This way, you can determine not only the advertising channel, but also the campaign, the keyword.
  • Combined – when some channels are assign a static number, and others are assigned dynamic ones.

What you should pay attention to:

  • Cost. Please note what you will pay for: numbers, call time.
  • Does call tracking provide replacement numbers or do you need to purchase them somewhere?
  • Are telephone conversations recorded?
  • Are there replacement numbers for your region?
  • If the numbers are 8-800 and how much do they cost?

The most popular call tracking services:

  • Yandex Target Call 2.0 — static (cheapest, only for large cities)
  • — dynamic Sad Life Box and static (quite expensive, large number of numbers for different regions)
  • — dynamic and static (quite expensive, quick setup, good technical support)
  • С — dynamic and static (it is difficult to understand the tariffs, long technical support)
  • — dynamic and static (complicated setup, many reports for analytics)

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