A fixed customer base with repeated purchases is conducive. To increasing profits and sustainable operations. It can be said to be one. Of the keys to the sustainable growth of a company. Establishing a customer loyalty program or VIP membership. System is one of the effective ways to retain repeat customers. However, when many brands are offering various membership programs. And systems in order to win customer loyalty, how can companies ensure that relevant programs can truly bring value to customers and make them willing to come back often?

The significance of customer loyalty to enterprises

Satisfied customers tend to reciprocate, and word-of-mouth marketing is far better than the company’s own brand marketing. Nielsen’s survey report shows philippines phone number list that 26% of consumers around the world say they know brands through recommendations from others, and only 15% say their loyalty comes from the brand’s advertising content and marketing messages. Compared with ordinary consumers, loyal customers have higher lifetime customer value and spending amount. In a recent KPMG survey , 52% of consumers said that even if Aipai’s competitors offer lower prices and have more channels, fans will not change their minds.

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Benefits brought by a complete VIP membership system

Providing feedback to loyal customers through a membership loyalty program or VIP membership system can be said to be the long-term way for a company to operate. There are various forms of feedback, the most common of which is giving Sad Life Box points as a discount for next shopping, or providing discount coupons, free gifts, etc. In addition, experiential activities are also one of the current trends. For example, by participating in brand activities, you can meet brand ambassadors, endorsement stars and social influencers. And customers enjoy these benefits. According to Bond’s “Brand Loyalty Report” , 73% of respondents from all over the world are more willing to recommend brands with excellent membership loyalty programs; 79% even believe that a complete membership system can improve Your willingness to continue to associate with the brand.

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