If you have questions such as:

1) What products to choose for email newsletters?
2) Why did the CPO increase for a particular advertising source?
3) How to set prices if we want to increase sales in a certain category?

Then you should use pricing platforms more actively. That’s what I want to talk about today.

What is the main objective of pricing?

It is not surprising that the price of the product is the most important factor in choosing an online store. Let’s look at the statistics for 2016:


In order to be a leader in your field, it is brazil whatsapp number list female important to combine the 2 segments listed above. At least. Do you want to influence the largest segment, but not lose additional money? It is logical, for this you need to eliminate the lack of information. For example, use automation of pricing.


Pricing can be used to influence:

  • Price positioning (the buyer subconsciously forms a subjective opinion about whether the store fits his budget or not).
  • Income, turnover and target margin (or other business goals of the store).
  • Achieving planned performance indicators.

How do I get started with pricing?

There are services that will help collect, analyze and interpret competitors’ prices. An example in RuNet is competera , a Western analogue can be called Browswave . Don’t get me wrong, this is not advertising, and I (unfortunately) was not paid for this. We will simply, using competera as an example, consider how data is collected:


Google Analytics is used in most projects Sad Life Box as a source of user behavior data, and Competera combines competitor price data with information from the retailer’s ERP and CRM. For example, this could be data on the margin on purchased goods, which allows for analysis not only at the level of the number of transactions, but also at the level of gross profit.

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