What is Google Merchant for?

Google Merchant Center is a Google platform that allows phone numbers list in india us to upload data about our company and the products we sell in our online or physical store, through a data feed, so that we can later advertise them on Google Ads, mainly in Google Shopping campaigns.

Throughout this guide, we will explain, step by step and in great detail, how to create and configure a Google Merchant account.

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Create a new account
In Google Merchant we will be able to upload the products we sell, both online and in physical stores, to later advertise them. We are going to try to teach you how to configure and make your online storefront pretty for free.

To do this we will have to register and complete the following steps

Company name
Website verification
Website Complaint
Linking Google Merchant with Google Ads
Once we have created and claimed the account, we Sad Life Box will proceed to enter all the data of our business and the products we want to display:

Shipping and returns: We must indicate the delivery time and shipping costs.
Data Feed: This is the heart of our ads, here we include all the information about our products.
Attributes: These are the fields that we have to fill in within the data feed to provide the necessary information.
Download Google Merchant Guide 2021

Feed Rules
Once we have the feed data, we can modify it in different ways to determine how we want it to be displayed to users.

In this Google Merchant guide we explain the different types of rules we can use to modify the attributes of our data feed.


Finally, in this Merchant guide we also leave you the link to our Google Merchant audit , to review your account and get the most out of it. In addition, we have noted different links to solve the problems that may arise.

Let us know what you think of this guide and if it was useful to you. In any case, if you need help setting up a Google Merchant account or if you still have any questions, please contact us . We will be happy to help you.

Download Google Merchant Guide 2021

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