Removal of modified broad match

Modified broad match is disappearing permanently in July 2021, only broad total, exact and phrase (updated) keywords can be created. Luckily, modified broad match is not going away without a trace, the new phrase match adapts and absorbs some of its features.

One of the changes that must be taken into account is the qatar mobile numbers database possible change in the order of the keywords. Here is an example of both: if we have as a keyword “purple wool shirt” we do not care if the user searches for it as “purple wool shirt”.

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Below, Google provides a graphical example summarizing the new word order in updated phrase match.

Reasons for the change in Google Ads matches

Google’s main goal with this update is to make it Sad Life Box  easier for advertisers to reach the most suitable and relevant customers on the search network . Other reasons given by the company are the following:

Strengthen the focus on machine learning and automation.
Broad modified and phrase keywords behaved in a similar manner.
Simplify and streamline the way you manage keywords.
Cover the majority of searches where advertisers Therefore,  want to appear.
Other Google users emphasize that each update is a step closer to automation, and they are not wrong. One of the tips they also offer to Therefore,  take advantage of this change is to use broad match with automated bidding.

How new Google Ads matchmaking affects your campaigns
You’re probably wondering if, with the change in Google Therefore, Ads match types, Google forces you to change all the match types in your campaigns immediately, and luckily, no. In fact, there is no performance improvement if you Therefore,  decide to change to phrase match type , but if you want to do so, either for convenience or to have a clearer structure, Google  Therefore, will launch additional tools to help in this process and will show recommendations in cases where the same Therefore,  keyword has both match types.

Google warns us of another effect to take into Therefore,  account, the possible increase in impressions of ads that are in exact or phrase searches.

As we can see, Google continues to invest time and money in modifying its algorithm on the path to automation, and there is still much to discover. If you still have questions, do not hesitate to contact us through our contact form or on LinkedIn , we will be happy to help you!

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