Many of you have asked us about how we manage access to the accounts of our clients’ different advertising platforms and what is the internal methodology we follow for the correct distribution of these between the different account managers. The truth is that this is a tricky subject and there is no single valid answer.

Consider that in our daily lives we have to access Google Ads

Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, Linkedin Ads, TikTok Ads, Apple singapore phone number list  Search Ads, Twitter Ads, Amazon Advertising, etc. etc. etc. If, in addition, we add to this the hierarchy of a marketing agency and that there are several people (emails) who have to access each asset, imagine the mess that can become for each client.

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We are going to try to publish a series of articles in which we will share our experience with each of these advertising platforms and give you some tips/points of view that may be useful to improve your current methodology in this area.

Why is it so important to have a clear methodology for access management?

Facing the new client is key. Several of us who Sad Life Box work at CrackPPC today have been on that side for a long time and we know that hiring/changing agencies is always a dramatic process that usually takes a long time and in which different problems usually arise related to access (and even ownership, although this is another topic) to the different platforms and assets. So:

Being clear and concise at the beginning of a relationship will convey priceless trust.
Internally it will allow us to:

Shorten set-ups/kick-off times and be much more efficient during them.
Create a clear and flexible access level structure that is not disrupted by changes related to clients or managers.
Although it is difficult to see the relationship, we can assure you that all this contributes greatly to improving the LTV of clients with the agency.

Accesses in GOOGLE ADS
We start with the king of kings, Google Ads. The most widely used platform and, surprisingly, the one where, from our point of view, it is easiest to manage access .

Things to keep in mind:

There are no super admins in Google Ads. Account ownership can be transferred without any problem.
An account can hang on several different MCCs (of different structures) without any confrontation.
Accounts can move between MCCs within the same structure.
Thus, each manager should have an individual MCC (created from their corporate email) that hangs from a parent MCC at agency level.


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