Although the autonomy of a personal blog is pletely up to you. It cannot be pletely use as a notebook to record all major and minor events. Instead. It is more of a summary article. Only in this way can the quality of each article be guarantee not to be too bad. ②content focus since it is a technical article.


 The focus of the content is often

an important buy phone number database  indicator to consider. Focusing on content means writing in depth. So you nee to accumulate enough before writing. If you don’t accumulate enough. You may not be able to write a few words in an article. As a result. The article will be too short and will be considere a spamming article. From Digits to Decisions The Role of

 So if it is for articles like this

You must not rush for success. As long as you accumulate enough. Everything will fall into place. ③simple writing style the difference between technical articles and other articles is that they pay more attention to the content. Of course. An interesting writing style can increase readability. From Digits to Decisions The Role of


 But you must pay attention to the

grasp and do not overwhelm Sad Life Box  the guest. It is best to keep everything simple and easy to understand. ④the most important thing is persistence blogging is a long-term thing. And perseverance is much more important than short-term enthusiasm. I don’t know if half of the friend links in many people’s blogs will still be accessible after three years. From Digits to Decisions The Role of


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