For some time now, free product listings have been appearing Therefore, organically on different networks within Google properties. However, there is still a certain lack of knowledge when it comes to differentiating them from paid results, understanding how they Therefore,  work and, above all, analyzing their performance.

What are free tokens? Where are they displayed?

Free listings are product results from our store that can appear on various Google platforms. These include Google Images, the Shopping tab, Google Search, and Google Lens.

The most notable thing about these new free listings is saudi arabia phone number list  that merchants who use this feature can appear in all of these locations without having to pay for it. Logically, these results will occupy a secondary position compared to paid ads. In Therefore,  any case, it is worth being there for the additional coverage that we will have without having to make any outlay.

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Google Organic Shopping Settings
To set up free listings and make our products eligible Sad Life Box to be displayed Therefore,  in all these locations, we can do the following:

Through Google Merchant

Through Structured Data on our website
In the first case, it is as easy as when creating a feed (or in one already created) in the “Select Destinations” section, activating the “ Free Tokens ” option.

Configuration example in already created feed

Configuration example in new feed

Analyze Free Shopping Performance
We will only be able to see performance data if we activate the free listings from Google Merchant and, as we will see, with many limitations.

Today, automatic activation through structured data does not allow us to analyze this type of traffic in isolation. In the different analytics platforms we will see it consolidated as “google / organic” without the possibility of making any differentiation.

In Google Merchant, we will have to go to Performance > Dashboard / Reports and create different tables and graphs to analyze, exclusively, clicks, impressions and CTR. What we can do is add segments to be able to see this information by, for example, brand, product category, etc. etc.

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