A new tab called “Missed Call History” has appeared in the TeleCube

The above tab contains a Free conference for SMEs list of all missed calls that have been entered into the scheme of a given virtual exchange . The list will not include direct calls to an internal number or Internet fax, as well as calls to numbers associated with the SIP Trunk service .

Missed call history,Free conference for SMEs  TeleCube panel

What’s more, after clicking the handset icon next to a given connection, you can immediately initiate a conversation with that number. The number that tried to contact you.The “Such Numbers from Santa” promotion applies to registered users of the TeleCube service using: the Mini package or Virtual Switchboard and/or the SipTrunk service.

Once you have made the italy number for whatsapp connection, it will either be automatically delet or remain visible for a certain number of days, depending on your individual settings, which you can m

Customer panel, in the “Account and Finance” section.

Platinum numbers, as part Sad Life Box vof the promotion, can be obtain by paying from PLN 360 net to PLN 1105 net. In addition to Poznań numbers, you can buy numbers from other numbering zones, e.g. 46 46 46 046 , 222 30 2000 , 253 253 253 , 222 30 2222 .

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