Among the components of ABG that contribute to determining an increase in ROI, the focus on high-potential accounts is of crucial importance. Instead of aiming at a generic target, in the hope of attracting some new customers,  companies develop personalized strategies for individual accounts  that usually coincide with corporate decision makers, or the figures to whom companies delegate important decisions.

Acting on a selected target means  being able to offer greater customization in communication and value proposition. The account-based growth  korean phone number whatsapp approach favors a customized relationship with the customer : offers, emails, ads and content can be adapted to specific nes and thus made extremely effective. To generate ROI through the customization of the strategy, it is necessary to thoroughly understand the needs and desires of the target.

Thanks to its extreme selectivity, account-based growth also ensures that the leads generated by marketing are almost always qualified for sales. This naturally aligns the two departments, increasing their synergy and positively impacting revenue and ROI.


Careful account selection and team alignment bring two additional benefits:

  1.  by making revenue more frequent
  2. They improve customer retention  by generating trust

To measure ROI in real time, you can use tools such as CRM (customer relationship management), analytics software, capable of monitoring conversions and campaign data, and Sad Life Box marketing automation platforms such as HubSpot or Salesforce.

“To generate ROI through strategy personalization, you ne to thoroughly understand the nes and desires of your target audience.”

Improving Customer Relationships with ABG: Customer Success

An effective ABG marketing strategy  helps you acquire new customers and retain existing customers : these are customer success solutions.

Emerging in the last decade, the term  customer success refers to the set of tactics and strategies aim at rucing churn and encouraging customer loyalty. In an ABG approach, customer success is not limit to customer service or  even though these are its fundamental ingrients. 

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