In recent days, we have introduced courses and postgraduate studies many new features. We have made the API available, offered a limited version of the phone book, and enabled: filtering city numbers according to specific parameters and dynamically entering specific consultants into the queue on the main panel page. We write about all of this in detail below.

Since the beginning of June, we have made the API available , which allows interested TeleCube customers or potential partners to integrate their own system (e.g. CRM ) with the TeleCube virtual switchboard platform , and thus expand it with specific telecommunications options.

The proposed options (so-called methods) include, for example, starting and ending calls, downloading call history along with the recording, adding/removing consultants from specific queues, and verifying call costs.

TeleCube API courses and postgraduate studies now available

The API can be test free of charge and without any obligations until the end of June 2017. Detailed information about the API (including terms of use and fees) is available on our website:

And now, in brief, about the next new functions/options added to the TeleCube Customer Panel

Phone book – we have korea whatsapp number introduced the first, shortened version of the book, i.e. a collection of phone numbers with any description, grouped according to a specific project/topic. The book can now be used, among other things, to present a description of a given number on your phone.

Other new features at TeleCube

You can use the phone book Sad Life Box after entering the Panel and selecting the “Virtual switchboard” tab, and then “Phone book”.

Dynamic addition of a consultant/consultants to the queue is an option introduced on the main page of the Panel, in the “Active connections” block. After clicking the link to a specific queue, the “Show queue members” button will appear. By clicking it, we will see the current consultants who are handling the given queue. We can now add a new consultant or even several consultants to this queue. We can do this by pressing the “+” button and then selecting the given consultant from the list.
Dynamic consultant login, TeleCube panel
Dynamic consultant login on TeleCube panel
You can also log out an entered consultant from the queue at any time by clicking the arrow button next to the consultant’s name.

Logout of a dynamic consultant in TeleCube
Logout of a dynamic consultant in TeleCube
In order to make it easier to find a specific number among the city numbers, we have introduced a block called “Filtering” . You can use it after selecting the “Virtual PBX” > ” City numbers ” > “Manage numbers” tab. Numbers can be select by: country, forwarding, description or digits they contain.

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