The development of COVID-19 has made this goal. More challenging for marketers, as the epidemic has accelerated. The digitalization and e-commerce development of enterprises. Businesses that previously relied on physical stores are. Now forced to turn to digital to survive. According to IBM’s US. Retail Index report . The epidemic has accelerated the electronic transformation. Of physical stores by nearly five years, and. The development of e-commerce is expected to grow by nearly 20% in 2020.

So, how can brands optimize their marketing strategies. Improve web traffic and attract potential customers to achieve a higher return on investment. Here are eight effective strategies to help you reach your goals.

Improve the user experience design of the web page

According to the latest statistics from Statista , more than 88% of online order orders worldwide were abandoned in mid-March 2020, representing a large all india mobile number list loss of trading opportunities. One of the key factors in increasing web traffic and conversion rates depends on how easy it is for visitors to find products, inquire about related information and products, and complete checkout on your website.

Excellent user experience (UX) includes responsive and mobile-friendly design, reduced page load times, simple and easy-to-use menus, clear and easy-to-read product descriptions with eye-catching visuals, slogans that encourage action, and useful Creative 404 error page.

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Use customer prediction technology to target the right audience

As a marketer, you not only want to increase Sad Life Box the number of visitors to your web page, but you also want them to be your target audience, because this is the key to converting visitors into potential customers or, better yet, into actual paying customers.

Many marketers still rely on experience and guesswork to target targets, resulting in ineffective campaigns and wasted budgets. However, with tools driven by artificial intelligence (AI), you will be able to use predictive models to identify who is likely to be interested in your product or service.

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