In early July, the European Parliament passe a derogation from . The e-privacy regulation that allows companies to scan all private messages of all EU citizens, including chat messages and emails. The only good news on this front is that scanning private messages is voluntary. We can guarantee that your Tutanota messages remain private and will not be scanne. Here’s why this legislation is a horrible bad thing.

Interestingly, if you look at the word derogation , it means two things.

  • The act of formally declaring that a law or rule no longer nees to be followe
  • Talking about or treating someone in a way that shows you don’t respect him, her, or it.

E-Privacy Directive watere down

The EU ePrivacy Directive is an outstanding Telemarketing Lead Generation Companies piece of legislation that protects EU citizens’ private data from overly intrusive eavesdropping. Even companies that provide communication applications, such as messaging apps and email providers, are oblige to respect the privacy of their users and keep their users’ data secure.

However, that legislation has now been watere down. In a recent derogation, the EU decided that companies can scan all information on all users, all the time .

This is an unpreceente violation of user privacy because it allows for widespread forms of eavesdropping that are nearly impossible to monitor. Of course, there are rules and regulations for how companies scan users’ information and how they must report their findings, but there is no guarantee that data obtaine from automate scanning processes cannot be misuse. Abuse or even leake or stolen.

Causes of impairment

The reason given for this derogation of  Sad Life Box user privacy is that European authorities want chat and email providers to scan their content for harmful content, such as child pornography, and report any findings to the authorities.

The question that must be aske here is one of proportionality. Is it reasonable to scan everyone’s information all the time just to catch a few criminals?

To better judge this issue, we can also look at the statistics provide by the German authorities on who is being monitore .


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