As you may already know, Kinsta integrates with Cloudflare to provide Content Delivery Network (CDN) services to all of our clients. Typically, this integration works flawlessly. However, since Cloudflare is a separate platform from Kinsta, you may encounter occasional errors while using the CDN. One of the most common errors is “Error 1014: CNAME Cross-User Banned.”

Error 1014 indicates a problem with the CNAME records associated with your Cloudflare account. Fortunately, the error is easy enough to fix if you don’t mind digging into your Cloudflare domain settings . Once you do that, users can access your site as usual.

In this article, we’ll talk about what error 1014 means and what causes it. Then, we’ll go over several ways to fix the error through your Cloudflare account. Let’s dive in!

What is “Error 1014: CNAME Cross-User Banned”?

A Canonical Name (CNAME) record is an alternative to an A record. You can philippines phone number use CNAME records for aliases or subdomains of another domain.

For example, if you have a website at , it might have a CNAME record that points to .

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When a visitor accesses a domain with a CNAME record, the Domain Name Server (DNS) will point to the “primary” domain’s A records. In our example, the DNS lookup will return the IP address for via its A record.

“Error 1014: CNAME Cross-User Banned” is a Cloudflare-specific error that appears when Sad Life Box there is a misconfiguration in the CNAME records between domains in different Cloudflare accounts. Now, let’s talk about what this misconfiguration entails.

What causes “Error 1014: CNAME Cross-User Banned”?

Cloudflare allows you to set up your CDN on as many domains as you need (depending on your plan). To do this, you’ll need to update your domain’s nameservers to point to Cloudflare so that the CDN can start handling visits to your site.

“Error 1014: CNAME Cross-User Banned” appears when you have two different domains using Cloudflare, and one of them has a CNAME record pointing to the other. If the domains are in different Cloudflare accounts, error 1014 appears.

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