I would like to provide you with a case study on increasing conversion in the online store of motorcycle equipment www.partner-moto.ru. When we accept the project for work, the conversion was 0.24% . We were task with increasing the conversion to 0.44% .

Preparatory work

Before the main work on increasing conversion, we carried out basic preparatory work:

  • Set up counters and goals in Yandex. Metrica and Google Analytics;
  • We conducted a usability audit of the site and gave recommendations that do not ne to be test;
  • We added recommendations from the usability audit to the site.

Stage 1 of Conversion Rate Increasing

After implementing the recommendations mexico whatsapp numbers from the usability audit, we built a sales funnel for the site and found bottlenecks. We made hypotheses for them, drew prototypes and tested them:

Home page :

  • Problem : The home page had too many distracting elements. Also, not all product categories were represented in the horizontal menu.
  • Hypothesis: we need to move the catalog menu to the left block, and leave only information items in the horizontal block (About the company, Payment, Delivery, Contacts, etc.).

Product card :

  • Problem: Product cards contain many elements that distract visitors from making a purchase.
  • Hypothesis: Several changes ne to be made to the product card:
    • Remove all distracting elements: news, catalog menu, banners;
    • Add reviews of the store and its rating to the card;
    • Add delivery and payment information to the product card.

Placing an order :

  • Problem: Many visitors abandon their carts without completing their checkout.
  • Hypothesis: we ne to combine the shopping cart and checkout, remove unnecessary fields from the checkout form.

We conducteA/ B testing on all the hypotheses Sad Life Box put forward . They were confirm and result in an increase in conversion. However, the conversion rate was slightly below what was planne so we continu making changes.

2nd stage of conversion increase

We decid to implement two more blocks on the site:

The customer provid us with genuine reviews that were written by real customers, mentioning the product name and photos from customers. We made a review block and plac it on the checkout page to increase the trust of visitors.We implement the RetailRocket personaliz recommendations service on product and category cards.

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