Thankfully, Apple AirTags can track up to five people. This means you can share AirTags with your family. For example, you can use an AirTag on your luggage and everyone can use it when you go on vacation.

However, if you are not using Can multiple people track  all Apple devices (iPhone, Mac, and iPad), you will not be able to track AirTags. Therefore, you may want to consider AirTag alternatives, which we’ll discuss below.

AirTag Alternative—Scannero

If you don’t have an AirTag or you’re looking for an alternative to sharing your AirTag’s location with family, there are other solutions. One of the alternatives is  This tool is a better solution as it does not require installing anything. You also  db center whatsapp number don’t need physical access to the device you want to track. There are also some additional features not available on AirTag. This includes reverse phone number lookup, email and phone leak checkers.

Describe this application and its main features. Explain that this is a better solution because you don’t need to install anything, no physical access is required, and Scannero has more features (e.g., reverse phone lookup, email and phone leak checker).

isn’t limited to Apple devices either, so the tracker will work whether your family members have iPhones, Android or Windows devices.

How Scannero works

Here’s how you can start tracking someone’s location with Scannero:

  1. Visit the Scannero website.
  2. Enter their phone number in the box.
  3. Click “Position”.

This will then send a discreet text message to that person. When they click on one of the links, you’ll be able to see their precise location on the map.

The tracker does rely on them Sad Life Box  having a cell phone signal to receive text messages, but otherwise works very accurately.

in conclusion

So if you’re a fan of Apple products, you now know how to share your AirTag location with your family. Whether it’s for luggage, tracking a child out alone, or for any other reason, you can share the location of a single Apple AirTag with up to 5 people. If that doesn’t give you the information you need (remember, AirTags work on the Find My Bluetooth network, not GPS), then Scannero is a good option.

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