It dives into their brains and engages their senses and emotions. This is where most writers make a fatal mistake. They rely on adjectives and limp words to add flavor to their copy . but as killer copywriter John Carlton said in his book Kick  Analyzing Numerical Data: Trends and Patterns Ass Copywriting Secrets: Good copy goes light on adjectives. And heavy on action verbs.


 The right action verbs give your

copy a muscular . grab-you-by-the-throat effect that keeps your reader glued to the screen. The example below shows the difference between fluffy adjectives and power verbs in creating vivid mental images: The stomach-turning news was extremely shocking. All of a sudden . he didn’t feel very good. He quickly sat down on the large black sofa and passed out.


 After powering up with verbs: The news hit him turkey mobile number list  like a sharp hook to the stomach. He felt his heart rip . and an ocean of darkness washed through him as he collapsed into the sofa. Big difference . right When it comes to descriptive power and sharp imagery . the second paragraph leaves the first .


 adjective-infested one coughing

in the dust. Here are some examples of powerfully “verbed-up” sentences from Jon Morrow’s Serious Bloggers Only landing page: copywriting-jon-morrow-serious-bloggers Pay attention to some of the verbs he uses: Because they stumbled into popularity They are desperate to seize the opportunity before it slips away from them. If you’re a serious blogger . you’re tired of wading through thousands of articles .

phone number Data

 reading contradictory advice . and trying to figure Sad Life Box out how to piece it all together. See how alive and vivid the writing becomes with just a few well-placed sharp . powerful verbs Keep a thesaurus handy at all times . and be sure to have a swipe file on standby. This will help you inject strong verbs and words into your copy without ripping your hair out in frustration.


 Adhere to the AIDA formula

When writing copy . it’s easy to find yourself staring at a blank page wondering . “What’s next ” That’s where the AIDA formula (by copywriter Gary Halbert) comes in handy. It’s a formula that allows you to consistently create a smooth . strong sales message that latches onto your reader’s attention and keeps them interested.


 So what does AIDA stand for Attention. This is where you snag your prospect’s attention with a benefit-driven headline and introduction to make him want to read on. Interest. This is where you’ll pique the interest of your prospects and nudge them deeper into your copy by describing how your pain solving product/service benefits their lives.


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