How can I advertise CBD products on Google Ads?

Getting CBD products advertised on the Google Ads Search Network can be an odyssey: policy issues (unapproved substances), rejected ads and extensions, account suspensions, etc. etc.

Below we are going to give you some recommendations singapore number list to maximize your chances of advertising products containing CBD (despite it being a very controversial substance on Google Ads). In this case, we have focused on the legal sale of CBD buds, but it could be useful for advertising any legal product containing CBD.

Phone Number

Tips for advertising CBD buds on Google Ads


Create a new account
This is the first and most important step.

Creating a bridge page
In order for Google Ads not to reject our ads when crawling the content of the ad’s landing page, we must create a bridge page that does not include any prohibited terms related to the ad and in which we ask users if they are of legal age. If they are, we will direct them to the website and if they are not, they will not be able to access it. The problem with this is that it will negatively affect the experience on the landing page and not all clicks on the ads will end up being sessions on our website.

Prohibited Terms
The biggest problem we encounter is that Google Ads does not allow advertising dangerous products or services such as tobacco, drugs or unapproved supplements and drugs such as Cannabidiol (CBD). Therefore, we should not use the terms: CBD, cannabidiol, marijuana, cigarettes, THC, etc. anywhere. So, what terms can we include in our ad copies?

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