Tweets . Contributors Total Reach: . . Buffer has reached almost . . people on Twitter with #bufferchat Click To Tweet Buffer manages to reach a wider audience through the people they are connected with on Twitter . as we see below. social-media-influencers Image source. Through these followers and the interactions through the hashtag .


 they’re able to reach a much wider audience. Because Statistical Figures: A Deep Dive into Numbers these followers also have a large number of followers . those who are following them get to see the interaction . and are made aware of the hashtag and . subsequently . they become familiar with Buffer. In a nutshell . this article explains that by using hashtags as both a connection and a listening tool .


 you can get a lot more out

of social media than you would by just waiting for people to find you. . How many Facebook fans visit your website or convert by Jon Loomer for What is the value of a Facebook fan Jon Loomer . a Facebook marketing consultant . want to find out .


 and he shar

his findings in this post. To get to the true value of a fan . you’re  Statistical Figures: A Deep Dive into Numbers going to have to go past your Facebook Insights and Google Analytics. facebook-fans-website-visitors- -days A look at the process of building targeted audiences for Facebook ads. Image source. Jon outlines the process of setting up custom audiences in Facebook .


 which can then be us

to learn the true number  of  usa contact list visitors your website receives by segment. From there . you can drill down to the number of fans who converted. Jon says: We often hear about uncertainties regarding the quality of fans. Well . I know that of my fans have visit my website during the past days.

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 Considering my page has

been around for more than / years now . I consider Sad Life Box that to be quite good. What he’s found out is that he has manag to build a quality audience. By following Jon’s method . you’ll be able to find out for yourself the real Statistical Figures: A Deep Dive into Numbers  value of your Facebook fans with real data – and ultimately assess the ROI of your efforts on social media.


 The proof is in the putting

(it on social media) Using data to direct your social media campaigns Statistical Figures: A Deep Dive into Numbers  allows you to make more educat decisions about your campaigns. You’ll find out how well they’re doing . and you can use the information to create more successful . results-driven campaigns in the future. Have you read an article that has helpe you social media marketing Tell us about it in the comments below! default author image About Mark John Hiemstra Mark John Hiemstra is a content marketer who formerly worke out of ’s Montreal office.


 A writer by day and a reader by night . he is loathe to discuss himself in the third person . but can be persuade to do so from time to time. Find him on Twitter here: @MJHiemstra » More blog posts by Mark John Hiemstra Explore Posts Landing pages AI marketing Digital content Digital marketing Conversion optimization Campaign strategy Lead generation Ecommerce CONNECT Take the Builder for a Spin Get an interactive preview of the Builder—no signup need.

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