In the world of user interface and user experience design, Sketch has been the undisputed king for years. It was the go-to platform for website designers looking to design next-level interfaces. Its unique features (flexible vector editing, easy grids, smart guides, etc.) took the user interface design industry to a whole new level.

But as the industry evolved, Figma, a web-based, cross-platform collaboration system, emerged as a new alternative to Sketch. But this begs the question: In a Figma vs Sketch matchup, which tool comes out on top?

There are many key differences that can serve as deciding factors for you to choose Sketch or Figma for your UI design needs.

In this article, we’ll compare Figma vs Sketch so you can make an informed phone number database malaysia decision between the two when choosing which one is best for your next responsive web design project .

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What is Figma?
It Sad Life Box was the first major alternative to Sketch and was released in 2016. Its creation made it much easier for web designers to earn their salaries .

Figma Home Page
Figma Home Page
Unlike Sketch, which is a local design software that you have to download,

Figma is an online tool that works through a browser.

Figma has a collaborative design feature that allows you to share designs with members of your team who can work alongside you in real time. This makes it much more appealing to design teams and clients who want a hand in the process.

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