Now let’s discuss the different kinds of “Buy One Get One Free” offers that attract customers.

BOGO promotions can be very flexible. We’ll break down five different types of BOGO promotions you can use to increase sales on your online store, and share some BOGO examples for inspiration.

Buy one get half price
This tactic will work great if you have a bestseller in your store . A “Buy One Get One 50 Off” deal will attract those hesitating to try it . With BOGO Half-Off deals , customers will buy more of your legendary product, love it, and come back soon.

6 Cool “Buy One Get One Free” Promotions for Online Stores

Barnes & Noble’s BOGO 50% Off Children’s Books

Buy one of Category A and get one whatsapp number south africa of Category B for free
Pairing products from different categories is an excellent deal for seasonal products and targeted audiences . For example, students and their parents (back to school BOGO).

The only condition to remember is that the second item must be of equal or lower value. That way, you will make more than your profit margin .

6 Cool “Buy One Get One Free” Promotions for Online Stores

WhatsApp Data

Beauty Bay offers free products when customers purchase items in certain categories

Buy one and get a free sample
By giving away free samples, you allow your customers Sad Life Box to test full-size products . Samples may seem like gifts, but you should also consider them investments : they create potential future demand for your product.

例如, you can include exclusive samples of your new product line to introduce it to your customers.

6 Cool “Buy One Get One Free” Promotions for Online Stores
Sephora offers free samples for orders over $35

This doesn’t just apply to physical goods: A great way to get more e-book readership is to offer short samples. Samples are much less likely to be stolen, copied, or illegally distributed. Then if your customers like the content, they’ll come back and buy the full book.

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Buy three for the price of two
This is one of the most common variations of the “Buy One Get One Free” promotion . It works for many product types and looks like a terrific deal . Remember to keep the terminology simple: include similarly priced items—this will simplify perception and prevent hesitation.

6 Cool “Buy One Get One Free” Promotions for Online Stores
Cult Beauty is offering a 3 for 2 deal on select categories

Buy item X and get % item Y Close
This is an easy strategy to implement for industries with complementary products, such as sports, beauty, or electronics.

For example, you can sell a pair of sneakers and give a 30% discount on shoe cleaner. This type of promotion helps you sell accessories and complementary products .

6 Cool “Buy One Get One Free” Promotions for Online Stores
Cupshe offers ​​40% discount on the cheaper item when customers buy two items

Buy Five Get One Free
We’ve described the most popular types of BOGO promotions, but you can tweak them as you like to create the best BOGO deals for your store. Here’s an easy one: “Buy Five Get One Free,” i.e., offer your customers the chance to buy six products at the cost of five.

This BOGOF promotion is most effective with items that are priced equally or similarly. It should also be a product that customers frequently need to replenish or use regularly, prompting a higher demand.

, purchasing six identical dresses may not be practical, while buying six pairs of socks, underwear, or toothbrushes presents a compelling offer for customers.

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