Dataslayer connector is a Google Sheets add-on that allows us to connect information from different platforms to spreadsheets (Google spreadsheets) via API. is a dynamic and constantly evolving software. In addition to its previous features, they have recently added the LinkedIn, Google Search Console and Google My Business APIs, so that we can gather and cross-reference this data with that which we can extract from other previously available APIs.

We know that there are many similar connectors. We will tell you 3 queries that we can perform with the Dataslayer connector since we cannot access the information from Google Data Studio.

1- Extract information by Google Shopping product ID

example dataslayer connector sheet
At CrackPPC, in addition to being passionate about Google singapore phone numbers list  Shopping, we are also an agency specialized in Google Shopping , so with this feature they won us over.

From Google Data Studio we cannot consult information at the product ID level, however this is data that Google Ads provides in its API, so that with Dataslayer Connector we can consult it, and create information tables with the data segmented by product ID..

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This makes it very easy to check the evolution of spending, conversions, CPC or impressions divided by ID; or even combine it with information by brand, product type or custom label.

This way we can extract all the information from the standard reports of the Google Ads platform itself, take it to spreadsheet with Dataslayer connector and from there to data studio, where we can even work with pivot tables. How does that sound to you?

2 – Cross-reference product ID and title information with Dataslayer Connector

Okay, with the previous functionality we already have Sad Life Box  the performance data by product ID. But, which product is each ID? This problem becomes more serious when the IDs in the Google Shopping feeds do not match the SKUs that appear in Google Analytics, or when we work with manual feeds and “invented” IDs.

With Dataslayer Connector we can cross-reference the ID with the product title, so we will know exactly which product the data we are displaying corresponds to.

This is especially interesting to be able to share information with the client, making it more accessible and readable.

By taking this information to Google Data Studio, we can also set up a filter control with search functionality, to more easily find data on products that have a specific term in their title. For example, see how all the “sneakers” have performed in a given period.

3 – Extract all customer investment by channel
Even though we don’t do it ourselves, we know that many digital advertising agencies charge their clients a percentage of their advertising investment. This causes many headaches for those in charge of billing, since each month the invoices appear with a variable amount.

Bringing together all this information segmented by customer and channel can be the key to simplifying this process. Say goodbye to emails on the 1st of every month asking how much X customer has invested in Y platform!

This is a simple feature that could be covered by any connector, but with Dataslayer Connector it is done quickly, easily and painlessly. We encourage you to try it out.

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